Paella with 
Estudo sobre simetria em branco e preto
Su Chi Song,
the calligrapher
El construtivismo en Latino America
Symmetry and Balance Studies
Elementary structures of everyday life
Portraits of Good Men
Painter 2019
Redon, mon père
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Su Chi Song, the calligrapher
Mr. Scheufler's Anatomy Lessons
The foreigner:
Humani corporis mysterium
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Oceanic Chronicles
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Message to
Fernando Pessoa
Paella with Sauerkraut
Essay on the Feminine, cultures and tissues
Cerrado [engraving]
The Human Tragedy
The Trees of Knowledge
Poetics of Time

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Estruturas Elementares da Vida Religiosa

acrylic, pastel and Conté on canvas 100x120x4 cm Brasília, 2016 Available for sale. Price on request.